Sunday, June 19, 2005

A what? Oh, a Tartan Jacket!

You may recall that once upon a time, way back in January, I started my Tartan Jacket, and even set up a knitalong for it. As of late, this project has been severely neglected. I was starting to feel bad about all of the completed pieces and the remaining yarn for this project sitting in a cardboard box in my living room, so this past week, I made this project a priority. Here is what I completed this week:

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I finished the second sleeve and did both cuffs. Add these pieces to the other sleeve, the back and the two fronts that I had finished by oh, maybe March, and I now have all of the pieces complete. (Well, all of the pieces that can be made without blocking or seaming something first - there is still the small matter of the collar.) I seem to have lost steam on this project again for the time being, but it was nice to make some progress.
And just because it has been forever since I posted, as a treat, I will throw in some photos of Franklin trying to fit himself into the lid of a file folder box. Enjoy!

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amylovie said...

Your jacket is going to look great when it's done. Do you work tartan like you would fair isle?

Silly kitty!


Laurie (Moo!) said...

The smaller the box, the happier the kitty! He does look happy.

Nice tartan. I think it's asking to be finished.

SCarrGo said...

Franklin is soooo cute.

I know that feeling of "finally" getting all the pieces done and together and you almost forget why you wanted to make the thing in the first place.

I can't wait to see it all put together! This kind of stuff excites me (plaid/tartan), though I haven't tried it yet.