Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A new arrival

I'm so excited! Since my yarn ban was only for the month of August, on September 1, I ordered some Schachenmayr Aurora from Elann, and it arrived today. It is sort of an olive green color (I think it is called Pine), as you can see:

I am going to use it to make the "Rosy" sweater from the Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora Collection. I have had the book for several months now, and I have been drooling over this sweater, but I have not been willing to shell out the money required to purchase the actual Cotton Angora, and so I have been searching for an acceptable substitute that is more in my price range. I think this will do nicely. It is sort of a ribbon yarn, as you might be able to see in this close-up:

Now the question is, can I make myself hold off on starting the sweater until I have finished the afghan? I am almost done with the afghan, although I will not make the deadline of finishing it before I move to Chicago. I should definitely be able to finish it next week, though, assuming that adjusting to my new job and the commute does not wear me out too much to knit!

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