Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Long time, no post

I guess it hasn't been that long, really. It hasn't even been a week yet since my last post, but it feels like it's been a while. The afghan is progressing nicely, as you can see:

It is about 40 inches long, and it is going to end up being around 60 inches, so I have two-thirds of it done. I've decided that my goal is to have it done by the time I leave for Chicago to start my new job, which is on September 10. So I have a little more than a week. The only thing that will deter me from getting this done is the fact that we are flying to Chicago for Labor Day this weekend (we had planned the trip to visit our families a long time before I found out that I would be moving to Chicago the weekend after Labor Day). Since I am not going to lug a whole afghan on the plane with me, I will be missing a lot of potential afghan-knitting time. And I need to find a new, smaller project to take with me!

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