Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tartan Jacket progress (and other miscellanea)

I'm so proud of myself. I actually finished my dad's hat in time for him to get it for his birthday. At least, I'm assuming he'll get it on time. I mailed it on Friday, and his birthday is not until this Wednesday. I'm extra proud of myself for not taking the easy way out and using bulky yarn (which I considered). I stuck with the sport-weight yarn because I knew Dad would probably prefer a lighter-weight cap. It actually only took me just about a week to do it. I guess I'm a faster knitter than I think I am. I did take a picture of it before I mailed it, but I won't post it yet on the off-chance that my parents might read my blog before Wednesday. He knows he's getting the hat, but I don't have to completely ruin the surprise.
Now that the hat is done, I got back to working on the Tartan Jacket, and I finished the back.

I also started working on the right front, and I have made some progress on it. However, I think that I have reached an all-time personal high for most projects going at once. Aside from the jacket, I still have to finish the last golf club cover for my husband (I am rationalizing putting this off by saying that he won't be playing golf until spring anyway), I am still working on Candy (I'm rationalizing that one by saying that I need something relatively mindless and portable to bring with me to work and to Knitting Meetup - I can't really take over the coffeeshop with the million balls of yarn required for the jacket), and I just signed up for the Knit-a-long-sock, for which the starting date was yesterday, so I think I am going to go cast on for a pair of Very Tall Socks. This may not seem like a lot to some of you, but up until about last year, I was very much a one-project-at-a-time type of woman.

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Teva Durham said...

Hi, this is Teva, the Tartan Jacket designer. I just discovered you're having a knit-along. And now I'm inspired to make one for myself. Interweave doesn't give back the sample--and the fit was really flattering. I love your colorway. I'm definitely need to find some spare knitting time to make one for myself. Thanks for the motivating knitalong. I'm also dying to do a flower basket purse after seeing that knitalong. Some of the fun is coming back to my knitting life.