Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sweater neglect

I suddenly realized that I am, in fact, guilty of sweater neglect. I have been working on Candy for a while now, and I have not given the project its fair share of blog-time. This could not entirely be avoided, as for a while the sweater was not very photographable (is that a word?), since both sleeves and the front and back were all scrunched together on a circular needle while I was working on the yoke in the round. But I have reached a point where the sweater is temporarily off the needles before I pick up stitches to start the bottom ribbing. So here is Candy, in all her bottom-portion-unfinished, sleeve-seams-unsewn, loose-ends-hanging-out glory:

I had to go with the self-portrait in the mirror, since my husband/ photographer was not home. Now that I have actually tried it on, I am really excited about finishing this project. It fits me really well, and I like the colors even better on me than I did while working on it. I think this project is going to take precedence over the Tartan Jacket for a while, so hopefully there will be pictures of the finished product soon.

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emily said...

Cute! I like the colors you are using. What yarns are you using?? I think the blurriness just makes it look arty.