Thursday, March 31, 2005

Flashing my stash...

Well, it's not quite April 1st yet, but I figured I'd go ahead and post the pictures of my stash so that they will all be ready to view at the stroke of midnight. So without further ado, I proudly present my stash!
The vast majority of my stash resides in this Rubbermaid container, which fits neatly under the bed. I have been trying very hard to restrain my stash to this container as long as we still live in an apartment. When we get a house, I will allow my stash to expand a bit. Anyway, here is the container:

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As you can tell by the fact that the lid does not really close completely, my stash is already trying to expand. Here are some shots of the yarn on both sides of the container:

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After taking these photos, I had to search the apartment to find my yarn that is attached to various works-in-progress. Here is a box of yarn for my Tartan Jacket:

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And here is the yarn for my Very Tall Socks:

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I'm also working on a cat blanket to donate to the humane society.

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And here is the yarn for a secret project for my sister's baby:

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My search also turned up a cone of white cotton yarn inexplicably sitting on the top of my microwave.

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I know there was a good reason why I brought it into the kitchen, but I can't remember what it was (or why it's been there for months now, or why I left it there after I took its photograph, instead of putting it away).

I think I'll go check out some other stash-flashers!


monkeemaven said...


But the yarn looks so happy on the microwave!

Roxanne said...

The white cotton yarn stash it! Your stash is great!

Jacki said...

Your stash is trying to break free! Soon it will multiply and take over the world! I know, because mine is bulging out of the top of my stash bin, too ;)