Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Random acts of kindness

It occurred to me that my posts have been somewhat lacking in photos lately, so I thought I'd take a moment and show off some of the Random Acts of Kindness that I was lucky enough to receive from some folks over at the Knittyboard this past week. First off, from saxgirl I received...

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...three issues of Runner's World magazine. As I recently revealed, in addition to being a knitter, I am also a runner (albeit a very sporadic runner as of late). I haven't read Runner's World regularly since I was in high school (my dad had a subscription), so it's nice to have a few recent issues.

Later in the same week, I received a package from urbanpagan. Inside was this extremely adorable handknit pouch.

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And inside the pouch were 10 absolutely beautiful handmade stitch markers!

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I also have recently received via email another RAK from soapfibergal. She sent me a gift certificate to Adagio Teas. It has been a couple weeks now, and I still haven't decided what to buy - so many choices!
So I have been feeling extremely spoiled by all the Knitty-folk. I think it's time to get some more RAKs of my own out there.

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I am hoping you will share your story.
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