Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yarn diet and other news

Well, I'm a little belated in posting this, but I decided that effective May 1, I'm officially on a yarn diet. A combination of factors led to this decision, among them the fact that finances are tight, and the realization (as I organized my stash in order to flash it in April) that I have a lot of yarn intended for specific projects that I haven't gotten around to making yet, as well as some yarn that I have new ideas about what to do with. I've decided to go six months without buying yarn. The length of time may seem a little extreme, but I'm actually looking forward to this as a challenge. I've decided that my one exception will be if I happen to run out of yarn for any of the baby gifts I'm making now and have to buy more in order to finish a project. So, until November 1, no yarn purchases!
There also is another reason why I don't think I will have too much trouble sticking to my yarn diet. My husband and I recently signed a contract to purchase our very own land, and we are going to be building a house. I'm not talking picking a design and having a house built, I'm talking actually building it ourselves (with the exception of major things, like the foundation). So, my knitting time will be greatly reduced over the summer, as we will be spending most of our free time on the house. We probably won't actually start construction until mid-June, but I'm excited already.

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