Saturday, October 02, 2004

A quick update

I finished sewing my sweater together on Thursday (it's blocking now), and the kilt pins arrived on Friday (not bad, considering that I bought them on Wednesday), so I will have pictures of the completed project to show soon.
In the meantime, I cast on for the Falling Leaves Poncho. I finally decided to admit that I am getting swept up in the current poncho craze. I figured I had better make it soon before ponchos go out of style. I really think it's funny that I have been so intrigued by ponchos, since I am usually pretty oblivious to fashion trends. I think what intrigues me the most is that it is so easy to knit ponchos that I can make something that will end up being totally in fashion. Of course, this is somewhat silly, since the fact that ponchos will be out of style in about five minutes should give me all the more reason to buy a poncho instead of putting all the time and energy into making one, but my brain has wrapped itself around the idea of making a poncho and it refuses to let go. It is coming along rather quickly actually, since this particular pattern uses bulky yarn and size 13 needles. I just started on Thursday, and I am already over one-third of the way done. I will post some pictures of that soon, too, I promise.

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